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The 137 acres that today is Wineberry Subdivision, was originally three individual family farms. Lush trees bordered each the three plots of land that made up the three farms. Koffel Development Group purchased Wineberry in September of 1991. Koffel Development approached the village of Libertyville requesting an agreement in which the village would annex the land from the county. This annexation allowed the land to have access to Lake Michigan water and sewers from Libertyville; otherwise, Wineberry would have been developed on a septic and well system.
This original annexation agreement outlined the establishment of the subdivision without any provisions for trees to remain on the property. This removal of trees would allow houses to be built without any restrictions. With the annexation agreement in place with the village of Libertyville Koffel Development was tasked with bringing in water and sewage systems for Wineberry. . Koffel Development then changed the original concept that called for the elimination of all mature trees. Koffel Development opted instead to keep all the mature trees framing the entrance, as well as those around Paul Neil Park. In addition, Koffel Development was able to save the mature trees lining the perimeter of the subdivision, which originally were to be cut down in order for the installation of underground utilities. Koffel Development reworked the plan and moved all the underground utilities to the front of the yards along the streets, thus saving the trees lining the perimeter and enhancing the aesthetics of the neighborhood. The village requirement for trees in the parkway was one tree per lot however, Koffel Development to further enhance the look and feel of the subdivision decided to plant two trees per lot. The village initially requested that Koffel Development not plant parkway trees until a house was built. Koffel Development believed it was best for the aesthetics of the neighborhood to plant all the trees in 1992, regardless of housing construction, creating a cohesive neighbor feel for the subdivision versus a phase-in construction site feel.
Unlike, many developers who establish subdivisions to sell lots off within a two- to three-year period and move on irrespective of lot prices and home quality; Koffel Development’s philosophy regarding Wineberry was to create “the premier” subdivision in Libertyville. Koffel Development’s position has been to hold prices on vacant lots to ensure property values for existing residents and allow for appropriate appreciation. The lots originally were selling for $80,000 and today they are over $350,000 per lot. The last houses built by Koffel Development sold for an average of $1,000,000. Koffel Development was proud to be able to assist all current residents of Wineberry in maintaining the standards that establish their subdivision as the premier place to live in Libertyville. Through the commitment of the residents and the homeowners association, Wineberry has become the beautiful tree lined family neighborhood Koffel Development envisioned in the summer of 1991.




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